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Picasso Do You Know How Shredded You Need to Be to Punch Through Both Glass & Canvas People accidentally breaking works of art at museums isn’t exactly a rare occurrence, but how often do you hear about dudes straight up sucker punching paintings? A 20-year-old Spanish architecture student by the name of Shakeel Massey did just that to a casual Picasso piece in the Tate Modern, estimated to be worth $26 million USD. Why did Massey do Pablo’s Bust of a Woman so dirty? He used every art student’s favorite excuse: “It was performance art”. Defacing/destroying art as a performance, what a groundbreaking concept...Though it happened last December, Massey’s prison sentencing came out just this week: A somewhat tame 18-month sentence considering the estimated half a million it will cost to repair the painting. The hefty repair cost is due to the lad’s sheer strength — he punched the piece so hard and so many times that he broke through its protective glass layer and still ripped the painting’s canvas with his fist.Ridley Scott & Kevin McDonald. More like Life in a Day of the Apocalypse. It ain’t exactly Blade Runner, but Ridley Scott (and fellow director Kevin McDonald) want YOU to star in their next film…kinda. Life in a Day 2020 is a sequel to Ridley’s 2011 film of the same name which was comprised entirely of submitted footage from around the world taken on a singular day in July 2010. The sequel takes the same approach — interested participants are encouraged to submit footage taken on July 25th, 2020, which will then be reviewed by over 30 individuals (including the lauded directors) to see if the footage is worth of the final cut. The only requirements are no music being played in the background of the footage and confirmation of consent of everyone featured. Intrigued auteurs can submit their footage until August 2nd, here.


Championship Tour After Party

Creative Direction / Experiential / Branding / Film

  • Artists: Jay Rock / Chase B / Just Dimy / Kal Banx
  • Venue: The Williamsburg Hotel Ballroom

To top off TDE’s US Championship Tour at Madison Square Garden, we threw down a basketball rave and brought out everyone on the label – from Kendrick to SZA.

We rounded off TDE’s 30 stop Championship Tour by transforming a hotel ballroom into a full court basketball rave for one night only.

Inspired by high school gyms, we created a full scale basketball court with neon lined hoops and surrounded by wooden bleachers for fans to climb on. Surrounding the gym were bespoke championship banners of each artist with their accolades – just like the ones from school.

Nitemind created an immersive lighting installation to illuminate the catwalk stage, while we projected TDE’s 3D visual content on the other wall.

Over a thousand fans lined up for the Tuesday event, which was also attended by the entire TDE roster straight after their performance at Madison Square Garden. At midnight, Jay Rock debuted his music video “Win” on his latest record “Redemption” and performed hits off the album.