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OP/X Feed 🔥📩🔥Richard Prince x Supreme Wear Prince's Composited Photo of Women Who've Accused Trump of Sexual Misconduct on a Shirt Despite their inseparable connection to streetwear fuccbois, Supreme occasionally hits the apparel nail on the head. Case in point: Their 18 & Stormy t-shirt dropped out of the blue to unsuspecting hypebeasts late last morning. Featuring a large composite portrait of the 18 women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse (with Stormy Daniels in the mix as an added bonus), the shirt is actually a collab with appropriation artist/art world villain Richard Prince who masterminded the image. And honestly, the composited photo looks a bit like Laura Dern doesn't it? Maybe just us. All profits from the tee will be going to political action committee Downtown for Democracy, though it’s a bit too late for you to get in on the activist action as the shirt is already entirely out of stock. If you’re woke and rich, you can still pay the $150+ resale price for a shirt. Or maybe you can just bootleg it yourself, ya dang anticapitalists.