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Elon Musk & Tom Cruise Wonder What Craft Services is Gonna Be Like Up There. Elon Musk has been in the news a lot recently, whether its for indirectly sabotaging his own investors or for (attempting) to name his newborn child with Grimes “X Æ A-12”, but a slightly more subtle if equally memeworthy Musk-venture is the announcement that the 48-year-old South African mogul is collaborating with NASA to shoot a feature film in space (no, for real) starring Tom Cruise. Everyone’s favorite aging-but-still-kinda-hot action star will be sent into space via Musk’s SpaceX program to shoot a movie aboard NASA’s International Space Station, which would become the first action adventure film to be shot in space. But, besides the confirmation of the upcoming shooting, no other details are known. Obama, BTS, Lady Gaga, Kendaya, & More. Every Zoomer Fan Favorite is Here to Welcome You into a Hell Future. The class of 2020 (both high school and college iterations) really got the short end of the stick this year, with their final months of schooling materializing as nothing more than a series of zoom classes and socially-devoid confinement. Worst of all, most are having no graduation ceremony — no final, official send-off into the “real world”, no symbolic gesture to justify your six-figure education. YouTube has come to bail the schooling system out though, with a virtual graduation event dubbed Dear Class of 2020, announced this week and set to be livestreamed on June 6th at 3PM ESTTheir roster for the occasion is probably has a bit more pedigree than what your own college would’ve provided: Expect commencement speeches by Barack & Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, BTS, and more, as well as appearances by the likes of Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, and Zendaya. Read more about this zoomer-core event, here.


NONOTAK Residency


  • Venue: Refuge Arts
  • Artists: NONOTAK / Bad Pedestrian
  • Musicians: No_4mat / Gobby / DJ Clone / Facets / Black Wayne

We brought NONOTAK back out to NYC for a multi-week residency at Refuge Arts, debuting a new site specific installation ORION v1 and live performances of ECLIPSE.

For a second returning project with installation and performance studio NONOTAK, we brought the duo to Refuge Art’s Brooklyn warehouse space to debut their ORION v1 installation. The goal was to showcase their collaborative designs of sound, light, and space - a collision of audio and visual through digital art.

Working with NONOTAK, we created a bespoke installation featuring eight low resolution LED screens – programmed to display a 15 minute loop of synesthetic visuals and music.

On ORION v1’s opening night, we curated a series of performances including NONOTAK’s festival touring ECLIPSE show and DJ sets by No_4mat, Gobby, DJ Clone, and more.