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Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Furries are the Highest Form of Human Culture. Among all the chaotic happenings of last week’s election, one particular incident might take the cake. Though not actually “confirmed” (obviously due to embarrassment), Trump held a post-election press conference last week at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a small and unspectacular local landscaping business in Philly rather than the famous luxury hotel by the same name, likely due to a booking mistake from his team. The super-memeable happening has been immortalized in VR Chat as a new spot for users to hang out in…which is nothing particularly notable except for how it has quickly become a gathering spot for online VR furries. Check out the desecration of Trump’s bootleg “Four Season’s” press conference, here.



Experiential / Digital

  • Artists: Nitemind / Adrian Yu / Ian Glover
  • Musicians: Hudson Mohawke as DJ Mayhem / Rabit / Debit / Vapordog
  • Venue: Russian & Turkish Bathhouse

We returned to the Russian Turkish Bathhouse to transform it into WAVEFORMZ: a night of absolute hardcore inspired by 2000s rhythm games, with 3 floors of lighting installations and an accompanying livestream rhythm game PULSELIVE OP.

We transformed the Russian Turkish Bathhouse into WAVEFORMZ: an eden of euphoria inspired by early 2000s dance games.

We brought acclaimed producer Hudson Mohawke under his alias DJ Mayhem: Mohawke’s self-titled “younger brother who loves hardcore music”. As support, we invited Rabit with his MC LEDEF, as well as Debit and Vapordog – all performing variations of hardcore.

Nitemind and Adrian Yu created lighting installations throughout all three floors of the bathhouse with rainbow-colored neon washes.

To amplify the WAVEFORMZ experience, we launched an alpha of PULSELIVE OP: a livestream rhythm game. Using the livestream on your browser, audiences online could play the rhythm game in real time with the performances during the event.

The event completely sold out in two hours.