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Ridley Scott & Kevin McDonald. More like Life in a Day of the Apocalypse. It ain’t exactly Blade Runner, but Ridley Scott (and fellow director Kevin McDonald) want YOU to star in their next film…kinda. Life in a Day 2020 is a sequel to Ridley’s 2011 film of the same name which was comprised entirely of submitted footage from around the world taken on a singular day in July 2010. The sequel takes the same approach — interested participants are encouraged to submit footage taken on July 25th, 2020, which will then be reviewed by over 30 individuals (including the lauded directors) to see if the footage is worth of the final cut. The only requirements are no music being played in the background of the footage and confirmation of consent of everyone featured. Intrigued auteurs can submit their footage until August 2nd, here.


Interlude+ 2019

Creative Direction / Experiential / Branding / Digital

  • Artists: True Laurels / The Fader / 3 Dot Zine / Skyshaker / DJ Delish / Capital Kaos / Nunney Karma / Tygapaw / Debit / Kodie Shane / Le1f
  • Venues: OnCanal / The Center / Power Station Studios / A/D/O

In INTERLUDE+’s 3rd year in partnership with NY Music Month, we expanded the LGBTQ+ music & art program across four venues with eight influential queer artists in the music & art industry.

In the third annual New York Music Month, we partnered with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment for another edition of INTERLUDE+: Offline’s music and art program for and by LGBTQ+.

Curating four sessions with eleven influential speakers, we uniquely designed each of the four venues to reflect the sensibilities of each speaker, which included electronic producers Tygapaw & Debit, rappers Kodie Shane & Le1f, and music publication The Fader.

Programs included a zine workshop, a discussion on identity and artistry, a deep dive into musical production, and a voguing masterclass.

For each session, we also collaborated with four local organizations including Wallplay, The LGBT Center, Splice, and A/D/O to bring the one-of-a-kind curriculum to life. Registration went through a bespoke interactive microsite we created specifically for INTERLUDE+.