Roller Dome

City ⟶ Bushwick, NY

We took a Salvation Army day care center and transformed its gymnasium and cafeteria into the Roller Dome: a multi-sensorial roller disco with programmed lighting design, projection mapped basketball hoops, and 3M reflective installations.

Kyle Hall
Anthony Naples

Ocular Presence
Adrian Yu

Salvation Army Day Care

We transformed Salvation Army’s day care center into a multi-sensorial roller disco – something like Saturday Night Fever meets the Thunderdome.

We brought director duo BRTHR & Ocular Presence to collaborate with OP’s Adrian Yu to create bespoke installations for the popup venue, transforming the gym and cafeteria into an industrial roller rink.

Kyle Hall and Anthony Naples performed vinyl sets while 400+ attendees roller skated around the gym.

BRTHR projection mapped the basketball backboards with original textures, while Ocular Presence programmed unique lighting designs to envelope the space. All around, Adrian Yu and BRTHR placed reflective 3M designs and mirrored installations – all activated when using flash photography.