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Dreamrave is a transmedia installation that interrogates the intersection of the digital & physical via collective dreaming by artist Adrian Yu, hosted at Eaton HK in partnership with Offline Projects

Danny L. Harle
Yeti Out
Sagg Napoli
Amber Akilla
Maximus MMC
Victoria Sin
Yellow Tech

Asian Eyez
Yaya Bones
Zoe Marden

Adrian Yu
Ian Glover

Eaton HK

Designed to recreate the four stages of sleep across 96 hours at Eaton HK during Hong Kong Art Week, Dreamrave is comprised of two interconnected interactive installations: a physical 350 square foot infinity tunnel with acrylic mirrors, a floor-to-ceiling LED wall, and a feedback looping camera; and an interactive livestream experience where participants can manipulate the visuals at the physical installation.


The piece simulates the human sleep cycle, split into 4 unique acts: SELF, ASCENSION, SUBMERSION, and VOID. Following a nonlinear narrative of a mind’s ego-death, each scene shows the perspective of one as they dream up a world rooted in reality, before ascending to hyperreality and plunging into the abyss and losing their sense of self. The digital web experience, developed in collaboration with interactive artist Ian Glover, connects participants online into the collective consciousness. Shot on 16mm film with an original score by electronic musician Danny L. Harle from P.C. Music, the audio-visual content is processed algorithmically with typography & live footage generated by participants both within the space via a feedback loop camera pointed at the screen, and participants online – so that each viewing is completely unique.