Def Jam:
Bibi Bourelly EP Launch

City ⟶ Manhattan, NY

We launched Bibi Bourelly’s highly-anticipated EP “Free the Real (Pt.2)” by transforming a famed 150 year-old Chinese restaurant into a neon-line opium den.


Volt Lites

General Lee’s

Def Jam x Offline Projects celebrated the release of Bibi Bourelly's EP 'Free the Real Pt. 2’ with an Open House party, transforming an old den in Historic Chinatown into a pop-up immersive venue for Bibi’s friends and family.

We assembled a slew of performers from diverse corners of underground hip hop and world club music to bring the spirit of Free the Real to life – including Fade to Mind’s Asmara of Nguzunguzu, Alpha Pups’s Astronautica and a live performance by post-R&B up-and-comer Hayleau.

Teaming up with Volt Lites, we lined the space with harsh red neon and fogged it up, creating a hazy atmosphere as woozy as Bibi’s latest record.